Latina Actress based in Los Angeles, CA.

     Fluent in English and native Spanish speaker, with an authentic Mexican accent. Venezia was born and raised in Central Mexico. She is a Latina of Mexican and Spanish heritage.

Venezia Zavala has acted in many Latino roles in several films. These include the lead role in the feature film "I Hate LA", in which Venezia played a wealthy business woman struggling with her family. The film deals with the theme of the suffering of children due to the sins of our parents. The movie will be premiering soon at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood.  

    Venezia studied her acting carreer at the University of Cinema in Mexico City, AMCI. Later, attended Berg Studios at Los Angeles California with Gregory Berger Sobeck who is a current acting teacher in the Faculty Yale School of Drama. Where she continues to refine her craft."    

Venezia booked the role of the aunty Yolanda in the film "The Eliminadora" based in a real life story  and produced by and later on, played the role of Lupe a devastated nurturing young mom of an ilegal mexican inmigrant struggling in the United States.

      From the screen to the stage, Venezia continues to explore new projects. With roles in both English and Spanish, her versatility on both film and stage leave a lasting impression.